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  • Kerry Anne Boer - Australian Artist

SHIT Happens!

​First day off in months & I woke to a double chorus of f…ing crickets – one from my old Iphone and one from the new Iphone I picked up yesterday….ooops…ID10T error AGAIN!

Improvement followed… invitation to breakfast at the beach and a trip to the new Bangaroo forshore with my lovely husband, a great park at the top of the hill when we arrived and the perfect opportunity for us both to test out the photographic capabilities of our new Iphones.

Sooooo many beautiful vistas to choose from during a leisurely stroll around the shoreline - our city is certainly coming of age!

I came upon a single seagull resting on the wharf…….now if I can just sneak up on him slowly I might get a good in-flight shot as he takes off…. And yes you guessed it SHIT HAPPENS!

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