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"Hospital DAZE"


    Dusty grey canvas,

Through iron bars beckon,

Whilst Kookaburras cackle,

Amused at my condition.


Vampire though innocuous and invisible,

Harvests yet another daily bloody sample,

Date of birth and full name please,

It’s a safety check we must appease.


Unrepentant a repeat offender,

She stows away her precious tender,

All before a chance I have,

To express my grievance grave.


Dusty grey gives way to blue,

And now it is the Cockatoo,

They screech and scream at one another,

Without a thought for any other.


A sudden silence by God is given,

Before by noise again they’re driven,

Dawn paints everything in shell,

And gives me peace in which to dwell.


Blue takes on a brand new pink,

Gone the racket now I think,

Although below I now see,

A man about to blow the leaves!


The red coats now are assembled,

Before their teachers all a tremble,

Ah... Mr Smith I might mention,

One more noise and it’s detention!


On queue as if in defiance,

One more noise upon reliance,

Glides southward bound a single crow,

And swears out loud before he goes!






"Into The FRAY"


Into the fray of battle I go,

To face the insidious cancer foe,


My mighty steed races on full steam

Out loud I hear the cancer scream


Oh no, here she comes again

And this time it is with her pen!


Give us respite from this witch

Can’t believe she’s such a bitch!


Our days are numbered so very low

It’s your fault we now must go


You all prayed we no longer existed

Now she’s come at us closed fisted


Our troops now fleeing in every direction

All running scared charged with insurrection


Can’t help thinking our days are numbered

With a chemo fight we now are lumbered


It’s no wonder our ranks diminish

Looks like she’s got support to the finish


Raised to fight and give up NOT

They call her Sir Cancer-not!


She lives to fight yet another day!

Friends by her side say hooray!


Tired of body she now has to rest!

Giving thanks to God for friends the best!!!






"Amy Jane"


Were it that I had wings to fly,

I would raise my wings and soar up high


Were it that I could melodies sing,

I would fill my lungs and music bring


Were it that I knew intelligent things,

I would write them down for future Kings


Were it that I could a masterpiece paint,

I would oil daub canvas to make one faint


Were it that I had rocket ships,

I would send a message from my lips


Were it that I were allowed to say,

I would shout out loud I’M SO HAPPY TODAY!







© Copyright 2013 Kerry Anne Boer

© Copyright 2013 Kerry Anne Boer

© Copyright 2013 Kerry Anne Boer

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