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       From an engineering perspective, if Kerry Anne Boer  was a car it would be called the Enigma.


     It would have a confusing number of gears, an incredibly strong engine that occasionally falters, stalls then surges back, a battery that goes flat unexpectedly then magically re-charges itself, occasional exorbitant repair costs yet worth every cent of the investment … the sort of car that forms the basis of a quirky legend.


     People would always note its passing, or stop to comment when seeing one parked, or speak in sympathetic tones when it was back in the workshop AGAIN …


     The Enigma would seem to change shape slightly every time you see it: sometimes racy-looking, sometimes comfortable and inviting, or covered in mud and dust from a long hard journey, or dented and distressed after an altercation.


     To see one at its sparkling, polished best is an inspiration, yet there is something strangely comforting in knowing that despite the quirkiness and unpredictability, it’s a design featuring remarkable strength and endurance and when it breaks, there are always willing hands to effect repairs and get it back on the road.


     Kerry has endured more ‘character building’ experiences in one lifetime than most of us put together, and has on the odd occasion left us in no doubt as to her opinion of those circumstances in terms which would make a waterside worker blush.


     Let’s face it, when they told us life is a bed of roses they didn’t mention the thorns or the fertilizer!


     Then there are the magic moments, the amazing ocean sunrise skilfully captured or a heart-melting shot of a precious grand-daughter, sister or other family member (dogs included), her poetry and unique artistry.


     What would we remember of Kerry had she in fact been taken from us too soon? The robust laugh, the wicked sense of humour, the funny faces, quirky wordplays, her many artistic skills, her passion for music and dance, her fierce loyalty and love of family, stubborn determination, ‘going off’ when stupidity reared it‘s head … thankfully, we will not have to go without.


Rick Mason

Oyster Bay NSW

April 2014

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