• Kerry Anne Boer - Australian Artist

Phoenix Rising

I am a Phoenix rising from the ashes, taking in the glorious fresh air of life. Staring death in the face up close & personal gave me new perspective. I treasure the simplest of things; a friend’s smile, the lengthening gap between Oncologist visits, the words “How was your day today Ma Bear?” & my laptop.

As with most things computer, I am self-taught…. Scary thought I know…. My "IT guru" tried to help me over the phone, saying; “go to the top of the tree”, “you’ll find it in the root directory” & “in the pull down menu”… Basically, I had no idea what he was talking about & he may as well have been giving me directions to a restaurant in a rainforest for all I knew.

Yes I know some of you say my Blog has been a long time coming but let’s face it this is a work in progress & I have had more important things on my plate demanding my full and utter attention for the last couple of years.

Now is absolutely perfect timing for me & my blog….

#MeMyselfI #BreastCancerSurvivor

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