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  • Kerry Anne Boer - Australian Artist

Two Thumbs UP!

Cheers & welcome to my BLOG.

Here you will find me hard at work...

Hmmmmmmm..... no... that's not entirely true... if I am to be absolutely honest with myself, you will find me hard at PLAY in the most glorious way... expressing myself artistically in a work space surrounded by my beautiful family (pets & girlfriends included)..... soul soothing stuff of legends!

I will share with you my thoughts (welcome or otherwise), introduce you to my new sculptures as they are progressing in my studio and may even give you a sneak peek at some of my poetry and photography.... well that is the plan anyway...

Who knows where this blog will take us but I am up for it...

I suggest you buckle up and hold on tight….EJNOY THE RIDE!

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